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Whether you're accused of possession, distribution, or trafficking, navigating the legal complexities of a drug crime case alone can be daunting. At Barboza Law, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to defend your rights and advocate for the best possible outcome. We’re committed to protecting your rights after a drug crime accusation.

Should You Hire A Rock Hill Drug Crimes Attorney?

Barboza Law understands the nuances of South Carolina's drug laws and can help you understand the charges against you and the potential consequences. Lead attorney, Sabreena Barboza, can assess the evidence against you, identify any procedural errors or constitutional violations, and develop a strategic defense tailored to your case. She can also negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or explore alternative sentencing options such as diversion programs or rehabilitation instead of incarceration.

What Does a Rock Hill Drug Crimes Attorney Do?

Hiring a Rock Hill drug crimes attorney offers numerous benefits. Barboza Law will provide experienced legal guidance and representation, making sure your rights are protected at every stage of the legal proceedings. Additionally, Barboza Law will:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation into your case
  • Gather evidence
  • Interview witnesses
  • Build a strong defense strategy on your behalf
  • Advocate for alternative sentencing options
  • Negotiate plea deals
  • Overall, investing in experienced legal representation significantly improves your chances of achieving a favorable outcome in your drug crime case.

South Carolina Drug Crimes Laws and Statutes

In South Carolina, drug crimes are governed by various statutes outlined in Section 44-53-370 of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (Title 44, Chapter 53) of South Carolina Code of Laws. Some key statutes related to drug crimes include:

  • Possession: Section 44-53-370(c), (d) cover the unlawful possession of illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription medications without a valid prescription. Penalties for possession vary depending on the type and quantity of the drug. (§ 44-53-370(c), (d))
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute: Section 44-53-370(a) prohibits individuals from possessing controlled substances with the intent to distribute or sell them. Penalties for possession with intent to distribute are harsher than simple possession charges.
  • Drug Paraphernalia: Section 44-53-391 prohibits the possession, sale, or distribution of drug paraphernalia, such as pipes, bongs, and syringes, used for ingesting or administering illegal substances. Possession of drug paraphernalia can result in criminal charges and penalties.
  • Prescription Drug Fraud: Several sections of South Carolina's legal code address prescription drug fraud. Section 44-53-360 within the Uniform Controlled Substances Act may touch upon fraudulent activities involving obtaining or distributing prescription medications. Section 44-53-370 primarily concerns possession and distribution of controlled substances but may also touch on prescription drug fraud. Sections 44-53-520, 44-53-530, and 44-53-540 potentially cover various aspects of prescription drug fraud, including unlawful possession, deceptive obtaining, and unauthorized distribution. Additionally, Section 16-13-420 deals with obtaining controlled substances through fraud or deceit.

Rock Hill Drug Crimes FAQs

Do I need a lawyer if I'm facing drug charges?

Yes, it's highly recommended to hire a qualified drug crimes attorney if you're facing charges in Rock Hill. Barboza Law will assess your case, explain your legal options, and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances. Lead attorney, Sabreena Barboza, will protect your rights, negotiate with prosecutors, and advocate for the best possible outcome.

Can I get my drug charges dismissed?

Dismissal of drug charges is possible in certain situations, such as when there's insufficient evidence, procedural errors by law enforcement, or violations of constitutional rights during the arrest or search process. Attorney Barboza will review the details of your case to determine if any grounds for dismissal exist and work to pursue that outcome if so.

What alternatives to incarceration are available for drug offenders?

South Carolina offers various alternatives to traditional incarceration for drug offenders, including drug court programs, diversionary programs, and probation with mandatory drug treatment. These alternatives focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment, aiming to address underlying substance abuse issues and reduce the likelihood of future criminal behavior.

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“I want to start off by saying that Attorney Sabreena exceeded our expectations. She did an amazing job handling our case! The staff was very nice and friendly and very understanding. If anyone is having any legal issues look no further–Barboza Law is the best!”

S. Williams

“If I could give Barboza Law ten stars, I would. If you’re in need of a family law attorney, look no further. No one works harder and is more dedicated than Sabreena. Sabreena is very intelligent and genuinely cares for her clients. Sabreena provided me with facts on the law and has always guided me in the right direction throughout the process of my case. I highly recommend!”

B. Ruck

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“The Barboza Law team was able to resolve my case without any issues, they were very diligent and superb in managing this case for me without any hassle. I will certainly recommend them and use them again in the future.”

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