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Rock Hill DUI/DWI Attorney

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is harshly prosecuted in North and South Carolina. If convicted, you could face significant fines or time in jail. 

If you have been charged, the sooner a North and South Carolina DUI/DWI attorney can be involved, the better chance your case has of success. Let the highly sought legal team of Barboza Law mount an aggressive defense on your behalf. Call (803) 973-6003 today.


South Carolina DUI Conequences:

A DUI conviction in South Carolina can have severe consequences. If you are convicted of DUI, even for a first offense, you are facing steep fines, jail time, and other penalties, including: 

● A $400 fine 

● Up to thirty days in jail 

● Suspended driver's license  

Repeat offenders and those with BACs above 0.10% my face harsher penalties. For example, a third offense conviction for a DUI can result in fines up to $10,000 and five years of prison. Most DUI charges in South Carolina are misdemeanor offenses. However, if you were involved in a serious car accident at the time of the alleged activity, you may be charged with a felony. 

What Defense Strategies Are Effective in a South Carolina DUI Case?  

An experienced South Carolina DUI defense attorney can employ many strategies to help drop or reduce your charges, including: 

● Traffic stop lacks reasonable suspicion 

● Your arrest lacks probable cause 

● The arrest was not properly videotaped 

● The Datamaster machine was not functioning properly 

● The person operating the Datamaster machine was not qualified 

Our team can investigate the evidence in your case and advise you of the steps needed to protect your rights and best interests.

Call a North and South Carolina DUI/DWI defense attorney today for a consultation today by dialing (803) 973-6003.

Barboza Law is dedicated to providing high-quality representation to families in York, Lancaster, and Mecklenburg counties. Our legal team will work closely with you throughout the process. We will advise you of the various strategies available to you and represent your best interests in court.

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