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No one will work harder for you. When you hire Barboza Law, your problems become out problems

We are not former prosecutors. We are defense attorneys through and through. We only understand one side – your side.

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We Are The Most Popular Law Firm With Various Law Services!

Barboza Law, LLC, provides clients with aggressive and skilled representation in criminal cases. With a zealous approach to the law, Barboza Law is dedicated to providing clients with a passionate criminal defense and careful attention to detail. From serious Criminal Cases and Family Law, Barboza Law will tirelessly work to minimize the life-altering effects these criminal charges can have.


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Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime has so many implications in your life that getting through the court system is merely a step in this process.  A criminal conviction can have a negative impact on getting student aid for school, getting into school, finding employment, immigration consequences, impact on your marriage or your visitation with your children, and the list goes on.


Family Law

Family legal matters can be stressful, frustrating, and confusing. Our firm can help you understand your options and get you the best possible result whether by settlement or by trial. Give us a call and start the process of moving on with your life.

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Criminal Law Results


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Criminal Defense Results


State of South Carolina v. B.J. - DUI . 16 or more, 1st offense - DISMISSED

Your Case Is Our Priority

Whether you have a complex Case, we care about each case as if they have dire implications in your life. We know you may be stressed and we know you may be anxious. We also know the court system inside and out.


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At Barboza Law we value taking the time to thoroughly discuss your unique legal challenges.

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